Additive Manufacturing Equipment:
  • 2, Arcam Electron Beam Melting Machines (1, Arcam A2 EBM machine; and 1, Arcam S12 EBM “Hot” machine).
  • 13, Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling Machines (1, Fortus 900mc; 1, Fortus 400mc; 1, FDM Titan; 7, FDM 2000/3000 – used as multi-axis deposition systems and FDM materials research machines; 3, UPrint)
  • 11, 3D Systems Stereolithography Machines (3, Viper si2 high resolution systems; 1, SLA 500/5000; 7, SLA 250s – used primarily as research machines. Note: Of the 7 SLA 250s, 1 machine is the patented multi-material SL technology (US Patents 7,959,847 and 7,556,490), 1 machine is the patented SL and Direct Print technology used to fabricate 3D structural electronics (US Patents 7,658,603 and 7,419,630) and 1 proprietary sterile machine where an SL machine has been retrofitted inside a laminar flow hood for aseptic fabrication)
  • 1, Custom Micro-Stereolithography Machine (with 2-micron resolution and multiple material capabilities). Dynamic mask projection µSL system including DMD, UV lamp, x-y and z stages, vat and platform, optical components and system hardware, and computer with control software as well as Radiometer for calibration of mercury lamp (EXPO, OmniCure R2000) and Large Area Imager for calibration of µSL optical system (Ophir-Spiricon, LBA-USB-L11058).
  • 1, Objet PolyJet Machine (1, Objet Eden 333)
  • 1, DTM Selective Laser Sintering Machine (1, DTM, now 3D Systems, Sinterstation 2000)
  • 1, ExOne 3D Printing Machine (1, ExOne MLab)
  • 2, ZCorp 3D Color Printers (1, Z510; 1, Z810)
  • 1, EnvisionTec DLP Machine (1, Vanquish)
  • 2, nScrypt Micro-Dispensing Systems (1, TableTop; and 1, 3Dn 600 with integrated: 4 SmartPump print-heads, 2 laser systems for cutting/machining, 1 DLP for light projection, 8 inkjet print-heads, and a component pick and place system)
  • 11, Desktop 3D Printers (3, UPrint- counted above under FDM; 2, VFlash; 1, Fab@Home Model 1; 1, Solido SD300 Pro; 1 Up! Personal Portable 3D Printer; 1 Bits from Bytes 3DTouch 3D Printer; 1 fabbster; 1, 1 MakerBot Replicator; 3 MakerBot Replicator 2)
CAD and Design:
  • CAD: SolidWorks 2013, Wildfire5 (Pro/Engineer), AutoCAD 2010, NX5, Rhinoceros 3.0
  • Medical: Mimics 14.0 and Analyze
  • Rapid Prototyping Software: Magics RP, NetFabb, Light Year, Insight.
  • Reverse Engineering and Quality Control: Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Qualify, and Surveyor Scan Control
  • Programming: LabVIEW, C++, MatLab, Visual Studio, MPLab, Code Composer Studio, AVR Studio Atmel
  • Manufacturing: SurfCAM and FeatureCAM
  • Statistical: StatGraphics, MiniTab, and Statistica
CNC Machining and Tooling:
  • 1, 5-axis Haas Super Mini Mill 2
  • 1, Mori-Seiki NL2000 lathe with live tooling
  • 1, MCP Vacuum Casting system
  • 1, Morgan Plastic Injection Press, 20-ton
  • 1, Pressure Injection Chamber
  • 1, Dynamic Mixing Gun
  • Access to standard machine shop with mills, lathes, drill presses, band saws, etc.
Reverse Engineering and Metrology:
  • Video measurement system (OGP, Inc., SmartscopeFlash250)
  • Stereomicroscope (Leica Microsystems MZ16) equipped with a 12-bit CCD color camera (QImaging Corp. Retiga 2000R Fast 1394)
  • Micro-CT scanner (SCANCO Medical AG Co., CT80)
  • Laser scanners (1, CMM with Laser Scanner; and 1, Color Eye-safe Laser Scanner, Laser Design Inc.)
  • Digital and analog calipers (6-inch, 12-in, 36-in) and micrometers
Mechanical Testing:
  • Materials testing system (Instron Corporation, Model 5866, with 10kN and 0.5kN load cells, for tension, compression and flexural testing)
  • Dynamic mechanical analyzer (TA Instruments, DMA Q800)
  • Materials testing system (MTS Corporation, Model 370 Servohydraulic system, with 100kN load cell, for static and dynamic testing including durability, fatigue crack growth, high and low cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, tension, compression)
  • Materials testing system (MTS Corporation, Model 370.02 Axial-torsional Servohydraulic system, with 25kN load cell, 200N-m torque rating for static and dynamic testing including durability, fatigue crack growth, high and low cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, tension, compression)
  • Surface roughness tester (Time Group Inc. TR200)
  • Gel permeation chromatography (Viscotek, GPCmax VE 2001)
Electronics (PCB and Silicon):
  • Function generators, Power supplies, Sourcemeters, Logic analyzers, Oscilloscopes
  • FPGA development kits
  • Texas Instruments DSP development platform and Code Composer Studio Platinum
  • Microprocessor development kits
  • Library of passive and active components
  • Software: (Code Composer Studio- TI Integrated Development Environment supporting TI microcontrollers and High-end DSP; AVR Studio - IDE for Atmel microcontrollers; MPLAB - IDE for Microchip microcontrollers; Xilinx ISE - IDE for Xilinx FPGAs; Proteus 7 Professional - Schematic Capture, Simulation, PCB layout; Visual Studio 10 - Windows Development Suite)
  • Development Boards for: TI C5510 Series DSP, TI Davinci HD video processor, Xilinx Spartan 3e FPGA
Electromagnetics (Photonics) Modeling and Testing:
  • Workstations (11, high performance multi-core computers; Dell T7500, 96 GB, 8 cores at 3.5 GHz, Custom machine, 64 GB, 8 cores at 3.2 GHz, Building machines with 1000+ cores)
  • Agilent N-5245 VNA (2 or 4 ports, time-domain, materials measurement software, up to 50 GHz)
  • Software: Ansoft HFSS, CST Microwave Studio, comprehensive suite of custom software
Synthetic and Analytical Chemistry:
  • MBraun gloveboxes containing inorganic and organic thermal evaporators
  • Bruker Dimension SPM
  • Mettler Toledo TGA
  • Viscotek GPCmax chromatograph
  • Bruker MALDI MS
  • JEOL 600 MHz multinuclear NMR
  • Airfree capabilities with Schlenk technique
  • Convection and vacuum ovens
  • Rotary evaporators
  • SCS Coatings Parylene coater
Cell Culture:
  • Laminar flow sterile culture hood (Labconco Purifier Class II Biosafety Cabinet)
  • Water purification systems (Sartorius Arium 61315, and Sartorius Arium 611)
  • Phase contrast fluorescent inverted light microscope with 12-bit color camera (Leica DMIRB)
  • Lyophilizer (Labconco Freezone 6)
  • Low temperature refrigerators, incubators, centrifuges, autoclaves, water baths, and other bench-top equipment
  • Microbalances (Sartorius CP124S and Mettler Toledo XS4002S)
  • 2 chemical fume hoods, pH meter, viscometer, ovens, vacuum pumps, and glassware
ITAR Facility:
  • 800 sq. ft. ITAR-compliant research facility (monitored card-swipe entry, isolated domain, secure RAID servers, locked filing cabinets).
Materials Characterization (through Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department):
Electron Microscopy Laboratory Complex
  • Hitachi S-4800 field emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a state-of-the-art energy dispersive X-ray analyzer, electron backscatter diffraction unit, and micro/nano manipulator system
  • Hitachi H-8000 transmission electron microscope (TEM) with 200 kV accelerating potential operation for thin film observations for metals and alloys.
  • Hitachi H-9500 TEM with 300 kV accelerating potential for solid state materials and polymeric materials
  • SEM and TEM specimen preparation equipment and areas, including gold and carbon sputter coaters
X-ray Diffraction Laboratory:
  • Equipped with a Scintag XRD-2000 X-ray diffractometer with software and diffraction file for comparison and analysis of XRD spectra.
Optical Metallography Laboratory:
  • Optical digital imaging systems, 8 Polishing stations, Etching equipment
Heat Treatment Facilities, equipped with a wide range of furnaces including:
  • 6 Lindberg industrial furnaces (1200ºC), 2 Environmental tube furnaces (1500ºC)