W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation

Multimaterial with diverse physical properties


Training of Material Handling Robot

Direct Wire Embedding on FDM built Part

EBM Parameter Comparison

FDM Pressure Caps

Electron Beam Melting Process

Fused Deposition Modeling Process

Joule Heating Wire Embedding

Multi3D System - 2nd Generation

Stereolithography Process

Ultrasonic Wire Embedding

Fatigue failure of an EBM-fabricated L-Bracket

3D Visualization of EBM fabricated parts using IR thermography

3D Printed Novelty Six-Sided Gaming Die

Hot Potato V2 Dark

Minotaur I with STPSat-3 and 28 CubeSats 2013-11-19

multi3D system

3D Printed Motor

Embedding of wire and wire mesh on curved thermoplastic surface

Extrusion based 3D printing of microfluidics