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Mission & Vision


Our vision is for additive manufacturing (AM) technology to revive the economy through a transformation in the way products are designed and manufactured, taking advantage of distributed manufacturing and 3D multi-functional designs enabled by AM.


Our mission is to lead the AM transformation through multi-disciplinary activities that include education, research, outreach, technology development and commercialization, and industrial partnerships.


  1. Develop strong multi-disciplinary national and international collaborations with other universities, government agencies, and industrial partners as well as strengthen and expand collaborations within UTEP.
  2. Develop broad expertise and expand horizons by engaging new faculty in Center activities.
  3. Educate and train undergraduate and graduate students in AM.
  4. Mentor and engage K-12 students, teachers, and the public in AM.
  5. Disseminate research results in technical journals and conference proceedings.
  6. Develop patents and other intellectual property with licensing opportunities.
  7. Increase exposure of UTEP and the Keck Center through invited national and international presentations.
  8. Serve the needs of inventors, entrepreneurs, and industry through world-class AM facilities.
  9. Become recognized as the premier university research center in the world focused on AM.
  10. Expand expertise in 3D design, fabrication, and testing; AM materials (ceramics, metals, polymers, and composites); novel processing of materials (AM processes); AM process control; hybrid AM systems; 3D printed electronics; and applications of AM.

Mission and Vision

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