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America Makes Laboratory

3D Structural and Printed Electronics

nScrypt 3Dn 600 HPx System

Miyachi Unitek YAG Laser Microwelding System


  • Integrated FDM/DP & SL/DP Systems
  • Dimatrix materials printer


2 nScrypt Microdispense (Direct-Write) Systems


Custom Multi3D System with an array of capabilities:

Foundry Multi3D


  • Materials extrusion (multiple machines)
  • Robotic component placement
  • Micromachining
  • Wire/foil embedding
  • Direct write
  • Machine Vision

J5 custom printer (with material extrusion, ultrasonic wire embedding, and machining)

J5 custom printer with material extrusion ultrasonic wire embedding and machining


Thermotron Environmental Test Chamber

Thermotron Environmental Test Chamber

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