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Engineering Entrepreneurship - Building a 3D Printing Business

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Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
MECH 4395 - undergraduate section
MECH 5390 - graduate section

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Now in its second year, the Engineering Entrepreneuship course is taught by Dr. Ryan Wicker.  In 2020, Dr. Chris Danek from Bessel also joined the team, providing his expertise in product lifeycle.  This course covers many aspects of creating a technology based business, focused on 3D printing technology.  The course begins with a review of 3D printing, covering a wide variety of technologies and applications.  Students are introduced to many aspects of protecting intellectual property, including the patent process.  After selecting a particular technology to explore further, students develop a business concept and plan for building a business, culminating with an investor presentation.  Upon completion of the course, students can understand patents, the process for pursuing patent protection, and strategies for protection of intellectual property.  In addition, students understand the different types of businesses, the elements of business plans, and strategies for business development and raising capital to launch a start-up company. 

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